Santa Barbara Studio

Amidst the historic terra cotta tile roofs and colonial roads of Santa Barbara, CA, sits my quaint jewelry studio. For me, when I enter this place, a feeling of peace and gratitude sets in that I have the privilege to do what I truly love, in a place as beautiful as this.

When I am in Southern California, I get excited about sharing the jewelry I have created with the world. My Santa Barbara Studio is less my place for creation, but more my place of sharing.

That's what I love most about this place— it's such a giving community. We have been through a lot, together, over the years. Fires, landslides, pandemics, and everything in-between, it only makes us stronger and closer to each other.

When I see my friends in this little region of the Central Coast wearing my artful necklaces and bracelets around town, it is a reminder that we are all so interconnected in this place.

For me, making jewelry is all about sharing and giving. That's why I feel so aligned when I am here.

Every piece I handmake is inspired by elements of this town's natural beauty. Oceans, lush mountains, beautiful estates, and picturesque sunsets—I do my best to encapsulate it in my jewelry.