Palm Springs Trunk Show

The excitement I get when I close the trunk of my car full of jewelry, put the keys in the ignition, starting my journey to a jewelry exhibition is indescribable. It is an emotion in between elation and total fulfillment.

When I pull out on the open road, I start imagining what the show is going to hold for me. "Who will I meet? I wonder if the people walking the show will enjoy my pieces?" I start rehearsing my story in my head— how I got into jewelry, what I love the most about it, and what each piece means to me.

There's always something new that comes from every show. But the thing that always sticks with me is the people I encounter. I love to hear from them. They give me little snippets of their lives and I love to piece it all together. My favorite thing and the thing that truly captivates me is when they tell me how a piece that I made connects with them.

I've gone lots of places from Durango to Idaho, up and down the coast of California. Somehow, despite interacting with so many different people at my shows over the years, I've found that they are much more similar than they are different. It's the coolest thing, and it's why I love presenting my work like this.