Sun Valley Studio

A cozy winter wonderland and vibrant summer escape, my Sun Valley Studio is hidden away in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Idaho. The little town of Ketchum is a mix between wonderful local residents and kind-hearted vacationers— I often call it my Happy Place and my Second Home.

When I am here, a feeling of deep connection with the natural elements sets in and inspires me to create and make new pieces. For me, I do most of my jewelry-making in the winter. It's the perfect time to do it. Everyone in this town seems to have a hobby here, whether it's skiing down Mt. Baldy, fishing in the river, or hiking through the backtrails. Mine happens to be sitting for hours in my studio, calmy focused, stringing my new creations to life.

Sometimes I lose track of time during the long summer days and come to the realization that I have spent many, many hours creating my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. That's when I know I have found the elusive creative state that people call "flow."

Ketchum is where I find my flow. Maybe it's the river with its steady stream or the crisp mountain air. Maybe it's the fluffy northern clouds floating by, I do not know. Whatever it is, there is something about this place that inspires me so much. It may be my favorite town in the world.

I have so much respect for the people who live here. How they are so welcoming, so kind and so accepting. For decades, I have built a connection with them and I feel grateful to call them my friends.